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Sell Airline Miles

Selling airline miles has never been easier! For too long, travelers have been letting their airline points go to waste- with MilesBuyer.com, this is a thing of the past. Here’s how it works: first, use one of our online channels to submit information on the points you’d like to sell. You’ll receive an offer within minutes, and you’ll get paid via PayPal as soon as you accept. Finally, one of our representatives will walk you through the process of transferring your points. Simple!

Delta Skymiles

American Express Membership Rewards

Southwest Rapid Rewards

Lufthansha Miles and More


Top Selling Miles Accounts This Month

amex rewards logo  Elliot B – 11 million American Express Membership Rewards

amex rewards logo Clint H – 2 million American Express Membership Rewards

buy delta skymiles logo Derek A – 1.9 million Delta Skymiles

amex rewards logo Chuck O – 950k American Express Membership Rewards

air canada aeroplan logo Felix J – 1 million Air Canada Aeroplan

Buy Airline Miles

Buying airline miles can help you get started on your next adventure. Looking to save money when heading on your fantasy vacation? Buying airline miles lets you travel in comfort, while saving boatloads of cash. Airlines want to reward their most loyal customers, so seats in business and first-class cabins can cost anywhere from two to three times less when purchased with airline miles as opposed to cash. Buying American Airline miles, or miles from your airline of choice, gives you the chance to head out in style – at a fraction of the price.

Delta Skymiles

Lufthansha Miles and More

jetblue miles logo

Jet Blue True Blue

Southwest Rapid Rewards


Top Buying Miles Accounts This Month

buy delta skymiles logo Ed M -270k Delta Skymiles(Please contact us for wholesale buying rates)

buy delta skymiles logo James S – 590k Delta Skymiles | (Please contact us for wholesale buying rates)

buy southwest miles logo Donnell B – 400k Southwest Rapid Rewards | (Please contact us for wholesale buying rates)

buy jetblue true blue logo Isaias S – 310k JetBlue True Blue points(Please contact us for wholesale buying rates)

buy lufthansa miles logo  Cerey S – 228k Lufthansa Miles and More(Please contact us for wholesale buying rates)

About Miles Buyer

MilesBuyer.com is the internet’s number one most reputable site for buying and selling airline miles. We offer you the opportunity to sell airline miles that you don’t use- miles that the airline companies want you to let go to waste. We’re also the number one source for buying American Airline miles, as well as nearly every other major airline. Whether you need cash in your pocket or miles to book that last-minute Parisian getaway, MilesBuyer.com is your one-stop-shop for taking advantage of your airline miles.

Did you know that airline miles can be bought and sold? That’s right – if you have extra airline miles that you acquired on your credit cards, you can sell us your airline miles right now, and we will buy your airline miles in return for money. Use your frequent flier miles to get some extra cash. We offer money for airline miles at very good rates. Additionally, we will sell your extra airline miles, this way you can get cheaper flights, and upgrade to first class or business class tickets for lower than standard fare. Buying airline miles is an easy way to upgrade to a much better ticket. We buy and sell miles from: Delta, United, American Airlines, British Airways, Avios, Lufthansa, KrisFlyer Singapore Airlines, Emirates Skywards and any other major airline!

Have you accrued many credit card reward points? Don’t know what to do with them? No problem. We will buy your credit card points at very good rates – instead of letting your points go to waste, we will give you money in return. Also, if you are looking to buy, we will sell you credit card reward points. Get in touch with us to find out our competitive rates, and we’ll make it happen today! We offer deals for all major credit card companies, and will buy and sell Amex points, American Express, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi Thank You points, and much more! Fill out a contact form to get a quote immediately, and we will get you the best deal available.

We work with

miles business owner

Business Owners

Small business owners have a unique advantage of accruing miles just through day-to-day business operations. By buying materials, inventory, or other services necessary to running a business, you unknowingly gather hundreds of thousands of miles. Make the most of these miles by reselling them or becoming a Miles Buyer partner, which will guarantee partial reimbursement for your business expenses.

business travelers

Business Travelers

If you love to explore the world or you visit family and friends far from home often, you rack up miles quickly that may often go to waste. Luckily, with Miles Buyer, frequent flyers who travel regularly can sell these accrued points to get extra cash. There’s nothing better than enjoying a trip while knowing you’ll get some of your money back, perhaps to use toward the next adventure.

frequent flyers

Frequent Flyers

Making sales or attending meetings on the road doesn’t have to just be work. It can also be an easy way for you score some extra income without putting in overtime. Work with Miles Buyer and cash in on your business travel by selling your miles, turning your flights into a little extra money.

Trusted by tens of thousands of people

Selling Chase Ultimate Reward Points - Wilson

"Made selling my chase ultimate reward point super easy. Best thing was that they paid me first. Thanks miles buyer!"


Selling Miles with Miles Buyer - Peng

"This is the third time I had business with Mile Buyer and they responded to my email and processed my request very fast. The customer service is very friendly and the service is always prompt. I have no problem with the payment method and I was glad with the rate they have paid for me. I will continue my business relationship with them and would like to recommend Mile Buyer to my friends!"


Testimonial 04

"I was very happy with the services provided by milesbuyer.com. I had large accounts with Air Canada and Lufthansa that were just sitting idle for years. Eli from Milesbuyer.com made the transaction go as smooth as could be."

Alan W
New York

Testimonial 03

"I spoke to several companies before deciding to go with MilesBuyer.com as they were the most responsive by far. It almost felt like a computer answered me back but it was a real human being!"

Cyrus K
Los Angeles

Testimonial 02

"Milesbuyer.com purchases all of my American Express points on a monthly basis. Every month, my business spends approximately $500k on inventory and supplies, so it's quite nice to get that extra cash."

Brandice P

Testimonial 01

"MilesBuyer has been great to work with. I needed to move quickly to free up some cash and the transaction went incredibly smooth."

Leona G
New Jersey

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