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Sell United Miles

We buy all quantities of United Airlines miles & reward points starting at a 40,000 points minimum up to any size. We prefer to buy United Skymiles 20k increments and offer higher rates for accounts containing these multiples. (160k, 320k, 600k, 800k, etc). Being a reputed broker for air miles, we offer amazing benefits and returns when you sell your United miles with us. Sell your United miles for cash today!

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About United Skymiles

United Airlines is the world’s 3rd largest airline, and is stationed out of Chicago, Illinois. As is true of any Midwestern company, United Airlines puts hospitality forward, and this is never as true as when you join the United Mileage Plus rewards program.

United caters to world travelers; its webpage of destinations, that is updated weekly, is almost overwhelming. Between Africa, Europe, South America and various points in Mexico, if you’re flying with United, you should be racking up United Airlines Skymiles, sometimes to the point where have to sell miles to get rid of them.

The United Mileage Plus rewards program has 4 tiers, ranging from Premier Silver to Premier 1K. To reach Premier Silver, you must have at least 25,000 miles, but once you reach Premier status you start earning 4 times the miles, while those who reach Premier 1K earn 11 times the miles for every flight taken.

Sell United Mileage Plus Miles Online

United Airlines, which was established in the United States in 1926 and is currently the third-highest revenue-producing airline in the world. Chicago serves as the airline’s domestic and international headquarters. Under the Star Alliance, it has a partnership with 28 additional airlines. United flies to a whopping 342 destinations with a fleet of over 700 aircraft.

Especially among domestic travelers, United Airlines’ loyalty program enjoys enormous popularity. Members can earn and exchange United MileagePlus Airline Miles across a wide network because the airline was a founding member of Star Alliance. One of the most widely exchanged types of travel miles, United MileagePlus Airline Miles can be bought or sold online. United Airlines is a top choice for domestic travel because of its reasonable fares and dependable United Mileage Plus Miles program which you can buy and sell online with Miles Buyer.

How To Earn United Miles to Sell:

In addition to earning United miles through United, you can also earn miles through a ton of partners. This is where United Airlines really stands out as the world’s 3rd highest-earning airline. You can earn Skymiles through the typical means of using United’s partner airlines like Star Alliance airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, or Aer Lingus.

However, you can also earn Skymiles by going about your everyday life. United partners with home and auto insurance companies, lending companies, and even Mercedes-Benz.

With all these ways to earn, it’s no wonder you’re looking into selling your United Airlines miles.

How to Redeem United Miles for Cash?

MilesBuyer makes it easy and quick to redeem your United miles for cash. All you need to do is send us your information by filling up our contact form. We will verify your account and if everything checks out, we will transfer the money to your PayPal account within minutes. It’s as simple as that.

Benefits of Selling United Mileage Plus Miles

  • United MileagePlus Miles usually do not hold a lot of value for money. That’s because it’s up to the airlines to make it expensive to use the miles. This can devalue the miles you have, overnight.
  • United Airlines does not publish an award chart. Award prices can fluctuate depending on the date, time, and route. when you plan to redeem your miles. This means you may not get the great deal you were hoping for when you plan your next trip.
  • Another drawback of United MileagePlus Miles just like other airline miles is that they cannot be transferred to other programs. This means you either have to use them with United or its partners only.

How much are United Miles Worth?

United Airlines fares better than many airlines in terms of mile value. When you redeem United miles, you get an approximate cash value of 1.2 cents. However, this value keeps fluctuating based on certain factors. For example, if you redeem United Airline miles 180 days before departure, you can expect a value of 1.3 cents, while this goes down to approximately 1.1 cents when you redeem 15 days before. Again, during holiday or peak season, it tends to remain at 1.1 cents. This value has been determined by a reputed source by collecting hundreds of data points.

The estimated worth of United Airlines miles*:

  • 10,000 United miles are worth approximately $120
  • 25,000 United miles are worth approximately $300
  • 50,000 United miles are worth approximately $600
  • 80,000 United miles are worth approximately $960
  • 100,000 United miles are worth approximately  $1,200

*Please note that these are estimates and are subject to change due to demand for miles and United’s policies.

What do I need to know before selling United MileagePlus miles?

If you are unsure about selling United miles and redeeming them for cash, here are a few things you need to know to help you make a decision:

  • United miles are only worth enough when you redeem them for long-haul international flights and that too in business or first class, which isn’t a requirement for many travelers 
  • When it comes to the best airline rewards program, United Airlines scores way below Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta, and more
  • United Airlines no longer publishes an award chart. This means they use dynamic pricing when you want to redeem your reward points.
  • You cannot transfer United Airlines miles to any other airlines. However, you can use your miles to book flights on partner airlines.

If you have a lot of United Airlines miles in your account without an opportunity to use them, the best way to get the most value out of them is to sell them for competitive cash values.

Are there more ways to earn United Miles to sell?

There are a couple of alternative ways to earn United Airlines miles and then sell them for cash. Let’s take a look:

  1. You need to have Amex membership reward points for this. Transfer these points to Marriott Bonvoy and from there you can convert them into MileagePlus miles.
  2. You can also credit your reward earnings from Star Alliance flights and direct them to your MileagePlus account

When you have accumulated enough miles in your United Airlines account, you can sell them with us for competitive rates. We offer high value for United miles sold in bulk.

Process of Selling United Miles

  • Submit a quote via the website, live chat, or phone. (Please make sure you enter the correct contact information so that we are able to promptly reach you.)
  • We will respond with what we can pay for your points today
  • Once you accept, you will be paid in full via PayPal to your Verified PayPal account
  • We use your miles for flight tickets for our clients
  • Your account is returned to you, you can continue using your account and earning more United Miles.

Why Sell Your United Airlines Miles with MilesBuyer?

data-securityData Security

Your personal and financial data are encrypted and protected. We treat your data confidentially and don’t share any information with third parties.

safe-pre-paymentSafe Pre-payment

We pre-pay you with PayPal before you transfer your United miles to our account.

google-reviews5-Stars Rating on Google Reviews

We serve over 50,000 clients from across the World, and we scored five stars in the independent Google Reviews ranking. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Top United Accounts This Month

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Did you know?

United Airlines announced technology changes to boost onboard Wi-Fi in  November. The new technology will be implemented on select planes ✈️flying in North America, as well as long-range international flights. The company’s COO, Greg Hart, said they recognize the technology has not been reliable in the past and they hope that streaming video on the airline will now be easier than ever.

FAQs on Selling United Airlines Miles

  • Do People Sell United Miles?

Yes. United Mileage Plus Airline miles are commonly traded travel miles. Even though United Air miles do not expire, people still sell them for a multitude of reasons. While the extra cash is always beneficial, unforeseen circumstances can require them to foreclose their frequent flyer account. Or, people might not want to hold on to miles during situations like the pandemic and might want to get some value out of them.

  • Can I Sell My United Airlines Miles?

Yes. Since United Airlines is a founding member of the Star Alliance group, you get the tremendous advantage of selling United Airlines miles across a diverse network. Due to its economical fares, United Airlines is popular among many flyers which means the miles you sell can be a huge benefit to someone in need.

  • Can You Redeem United Miles for Cash?

Yes. MilesBuyer enables you to trade your unused United Airlines miles for cash. Since United Airlines flies to 340+ destinations at affordable fares, it is the carrier of choice for not only international but domestic travelers as well, making United Airlines miles one of the most sought after. This opens up a large market for you to redeem your accumulated miles for cash.

  • How Much Can You Sell United Mileage Plus Miles for?

We, at MilesBuyer, buy United Airlines miles at competitive rates. We start at 40,000 miles and prefer increments of 20,000 miles up to any size. We have a policy of offering higher rates for accounts that contain miles in multiples of 160K, 320K, 600K, 800K, and so on.

  • Is it legal to sell my United Mileage Plus Miles?

MilesBuyer is a legitimate online broker of airline miles, hotel points, and credit card points. Our 50,000+ client base is spread across the globe who have worked with us several times to purchase or sell airline miles. You can sell your United Airlines miles with us without worry in exchange for high returns.

  • Where Can Someone Sell United Reward Miles?

You can sell United Mileage Plus Airline miles at We offer competitive rates for your unused miles. Our process is hassle-free and can be completed in a few simple steps.

  • How to Sell United Airline Miles?

At MilesBuyer, we pride ourselves on being one of the most efficient miles trading platforms. Our process is simple and hassle-free and unburdens you of your unused miles without putting you through unnecessary steps. All you need to do is reach out to us through our website or give us a call at 1-800-511-0315 with your quote. Once we agree on a price, we would first transfer the cash to your PayPal account and then you can transfer the miles to us.

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