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Sell EL AL Miles and Matmid Points

El Al is Israel’s flag carrier airline and the safest commercial airline in the world. The El Al frequent flyer program has quickly caught on with the airline’s increasing popularity. We buy all quantities of El Al points starting at a minimum of 50,000 points and up to any size. We prefer buying El Al miles in 75K and 105K increments and offer high rates for accounts containing the miles in multiple of 75K, 105K, 150K, 210K, etc. Sell your El Al miles for cash today!

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About EL AL Frequent Flyer Club Program

With its base in Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, El Al flies to more than 50 destinations across the world including Asia, Middle-East, Europe, and North America. The most notable feature of El Al is its security. It is the only commercial airline in the world that has equipped its fleet with a missile defense system. This has been done to protect its planes from surface-to-air missiles. El Al has the strictest security protocols both in-flight and on the ground.

El Al has a lucrative frequent flyer program. The El Al Matmid Frequent Flyer Club has six membership levels offering perks like upgrades to premium classes, priority on a waiting list, access to El Al lounges in Israel, a file manager for personal services, preferential ground service, etc. El Al also offers frequent flyers the options to pay for fuel surcharge and part of the ticket price with El Al Matmid points. You also get benefits like competitive economy flight fares when you fly with El Al. Other point redeeming opportunities include bonus flight tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and more.

El Al offers numerous ways to earn Matmid points. They also have a FLY CARD credit card that converts your daily shopping into Matmid points. However, El Al has a limited number of partners. This means there are only a very few options to redeem El Al Matmid points except through the in-house Matmid program. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot maximize the value of your El Al Matmid Frequent Flyer Club points. We offer you an additional option of selling El Al miles with us in exchange for instant cash.

Process of Selling EL AL Miles

The process of selling EL AL miles only takes a few minutes. 

  • Submit a quote via the website, live chat, or phone. (Please make sure you enter the correct contact information so that we can promptly reach you.)
  • We will respond with what we can pay for your EL AL miles and Matmid points today
  • Once you accept, you will be paid in full via PayPal to your Verified PayPal account
  • We will use your EL AL miles for flight tickets for our clients
  • Your account will then be returned to you so that you can continue using your account and earning more miles

Why Sell Your EL AL Miles & Matmid Points with MilesBuyer?

data-securityData Security

Sell your El Al miles with us without worrying about data security. We have multiple encryption layers to keep your data safe and we never sell your data to third parties.

safe-pre-paymentSafe Pre-payment

We transfer the full amount of your El Al Matmid points to your verified PayPal account before accessing your El Al Frequent Flyer Club account so that you have complete peace of mind.

google-reviews5-Stars Rating on Google Reviews

Our 5-star Google rating is proof of the quality of service we provide. We have 50,000+ satisfied customers spread across the world who frequently use our services.

FAQ’s on Selling EL AL Miles & Matmid Points

  • Do El Al Miles Expire?

Yes. El Al Matmid miles and points expire 36 months after the date of the last activity on which the miles were accrued in your account. Points and miles which have not been accumulated from flight bookings will expire 36 months after the date of transaction. There is no way to extend the validity of El Al miles.

  • Can I Sell El Al Miles & Matmid Points? 

Yes. You can sell your El Al Matmid miles and points with online miles brokers. MilesBuyer buys all quantities of El Al miles starting from a minimum of 50,000 miles. Selling your El Al miles is the best way to gain the most value out of them instead of letting them go to waste after 36 months of inactivity in your account. The miles you sell can be used by other flyers to book tickets while you get the cash.

  • How Much are El Al Points Worth?

The value you can get by selling your El Al Matmid points depends on several factors including the number of points you want to sell, seasonality, the demand for the miles, etc. MilesBuyer offers the best rate in the market for your El Al miles. We also offer a higher price for miles sold in bulk.

  • Where Can I Sell My El Al Miles?

You can sell your El Al miles with MilesBuyer. We not only offer high rates for your miles but also the best data security. We have several encryption layers in place on our website to safeguard your data and we never sell your data to third-party buyers. Our 50,000+ client base across the world can vouch for the quality of our service and its ease of use which is why they keep returning to us. We pay instant cash upfront before accessing your miles so that you do not have to worry about payment. The process of selling miles with us is fairly simple and can be completed in a couple of minutes. Give us a call at 1-800-511-0315 and one of our experts will guide you. Alternatively, you can fill out the form at the top of this page and we will reach out to you with further steps.

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