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Sell IHG Points

Have you built up a large balance of IHG points with no opportunities to redeem them anytime soon? Don’t let them go to waste. Sell IHG points for cash with MilesBuyer. We buy all quantities of InterContinental Hotel Group points starting at 20,000 points minimum. Get the most out of your IHG Rewards points by selling them in bulk. Sell your IHG points today!

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About IHG Hotel Rewards & Loyalty Program Points

IHG hotels have one of the largest footprints in the world. It has a family of more than 15 large hotel brands with 6000+ properties sprawled across 100+ countries. From the private island properties at InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort to the plush InterContinental London Park Lane right at the center of London to the lovely Holiday Inn properties – IHG’s variety is phenomenal.

With such a large network, earning and redeeming IHG points doesn’t take much. For example, you can earn IHG points with hotel stays, purchasing goods from IHG partner vendors, booking activities through the IHG Trip Extras page, credit card spending, and more. Additionally, IHG offers discounts from time to time on purchasing points so that you can keep enjoying their benefits. 

Members of the IHG Rewards Club program have access to a variety of benefits which include exclusive low rates at hotel stays with IHG properties, opportunities to redeem free stays without any blackout dates, earn points with every stay, and more. Additionally, IHG rewards club loyalty program members get to redeem points on shopping their online catalog, magazine subscriptions, converting points to miles, access to events, concerts, vacations, downloading ebooks, music, games, movies, and more.

While the IHG points program comes with loads of benefits, it’s also difficult to put all of these points to use. The best alternative in these scenarios is selling IHG reward points to maximize their value.

Sell IHG Points for Cash Online

Unlock the ultimate value of your IHG hotel points by converting them into cash through Miles Buyer!

Are you sitting on a substantial pile of IHG points without a clear plan for their use? Instead of letting them languish unused, especially if you don’t have immediate travel plans, consider the option of selling them for instant cash.

Miles Buyer offers you the opportunity to sell all your IHG points in one go, ensuring you receive the most competitive market rates. Your cash earnings will be swiftly deposited into your account, providing you with immediate financial benefit.

IHG boasts a vast network of hotels across over a hundred countries, encompassing 18 renowned brands like Six Senses Hotel Resort Spas and Regent Hotel and Resorts, spanning more than 6,000 destinations. While accumulating IHG points is relatively easy due to their diverse earning avenues, many find it challenging to redeem them effectively. Availability constraints often hinder the utilization of these points for desired bookings.

Given the multitude of ways IHG points can be earned, it’s common to face difficulty in spending them before they lose value or expire. The optimal solution to maximize the potential of your IHG points lies in selling them through The Miles Market, a platform trusted by numerous satisfied clients. Seize this opportunity today and convert your IHG points (along with other hotel points) into cash with Miles Buyer!

How Much Are IHG Points Worth?

The value of IHG points varies depending on a number of factors like seasonality, market demand, number of points, etc. However, it’s best to sell IHG points in bulk to avail of the high rates

The estimated worth of IHG Points:

  • 10,000 IHG points are worth approximately $70
  • 25,000 IHG points are worth approximately $175
  • 50,000 IHG points are worth approximately $350
  • 80,000 IHG points are worth approximately $560
  • 100,000 IHG points are worth approximately  $700

Process of Selling IHG Reward Points

The process of selling IHG points only takes a few minutes and can be completed in the following steps: 

  • Submit a quote via the website, live chat, or phone. (Please make sure you enter the correct contact information so that we can promptly reach you.)
  • We will respond with what we can pay for your IHG reward points immediately
  • Once you accept, you will be paid in full via PayPal to your Verified PayPal account
  • We use your IHG points for booking hotel stays or flight tickets for our clients
  • Your account will then be returned to you so that you can continue using your account and earning more points

Why Sell Your IHG Hotel Reward Points with MilesBuyer?

data-securityData Security

MilesBuyer lays utmost stress on data security. We have multiple encryption layers in place on our website so that you can transact stress-free with us.

safe-pre-paymentSafe Pre-payment

We make the payment of your IHG reward points first to your verified PayPal account before accessing your account. 

google-reviews5-Stars Rating on Google Reviews

Our exemplary services to more than 50,000 clients across the world are proof of the quality of service we provide. 

FAQ’s on Selling IHG Rewards Points

  • Do IHG Points Expire?

IHG points expire after 12 months of inactivity in your IHG account. Point earning and redemption qualify as activities for your IHG rewards account. At least one earning or redemption activity once in 12 months is enough to keep your points from expiring.

  • Are IHG  Points Transferable?

Yes. IHG points are transferable. This means they can be converted into other points programs. For example, IHG points can be converted into frequent flyer miles. Additionally, if you have points through other IHG partner programs like Chase Ultimate Rewards, you can convert them into IHG points.

  • Can You Transfer IHG Points to Chase Ultimate Rewards?

Yes. You can convert your IHG reward points to Chase Ultimate Rewards. This transferable points currency between partner programs like IHG and Chase is the best mode to optimize the value of your points. 

  • Can You Redeem IHG Points for Cash?

You can redeem IHG points for hotel stays, shopping, travel experiences, airline miles, events, magazine subscriptions, downloading ebooks, games, movies, music, etc. You can also combine your IHG points with cash to enjoy free hotel stays and other experiences. However, IHG does not have the facility to convert your miles to cash. There are several online miles buyers who can buy IHG points from you in exchange for cash.

  • Can You Sell IHG Rewards Points?

Yes. You can sell IHG reward points for instant cash with online miles brokers. For example, MilesBuyer is your trusted online points broker who provides the best industry rate for IHG miles.

  • How to Sell My IHG Reward Points?

You can sell your IHG points with MilesBuyer. Our quality of service has got us a 5-star Google rating from our worldwide clients who are our repeat customers. The process of selling IHG points with us is pretty simple and straightforward. It can be completed in a couple of steps as mentioned below:

  1. Fill up the contact form at the top of this page. Please double-check the phone number you type in because we will try to reach you there.
  2. We will contact you to discuss your quote for your IHG reward points and the price we can pay for your points
  3. Once we reach an agreement about the rate of your IHG reward points, we will close the deal
  4. Next, we will send the agreed-upon cash to your verified PayPal account
  5. Once you receive the payment, you can share access to your account with us. We will use it to book hotel stays, flights, etc. for our clients.
  6. On completion, we will return the account to you so that you can continue earning more points

Alternatively, you can give us a call at 1-800-511-0315. Or, you can email us at with your quote and phone number and we will get back to you.

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