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Sell Qantas Miles & Frequent Flyer Points

We buy all quantities of Qantas miles & frequent flyer points starting at a 40,000 point minimum up to any size. We prefer to buy Qantas miles in 80k and 95k increments and offer higher rates for accounts containing these multiple (80k, 95k, 160k, 190k, etc). Sell your Qantas miles & frequent flyer points for cash today!

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About Qantas Airways

Australia’s largest airline, Qantas Airways, is a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance. Qantas Australia is based in Sydney, which is one of its hubs along with Brisbane and Melbourne. It services 20 domestic cities and 21 international destinations, its biggest being Los Angeles. Qantas flight partners include Impulse Airlines, Jetconnect, Jetstar Airways, and Australian Airlines.

The Qantas miles program, also called their frequent flyer program, makes it easy to begin earning Qantas air miles. You can earn Qantas points by flying with over 50 Qantas miles partners such as American Airlines or British Airways, and points are accrued based on distance flown as well as travel class.

You can also rack up Qantas Australia frequent flyer miles by making credit card purchases with a Qantas Points card, or by utilizing select car rental companies and hotels. And to make things even easier, you can earn and then sell Qantas miles just by making everyday purchases at companies like the Apple Store, Macy’s, eBay, Sephora, or Fossil. Being a Qantas frequent flyer partner and selling your miles and points is a no-hassle way to make some extra money.

How Much Are Qantas Miles & Frequent Flyer Points Worth?

The value of a Qantas Point typically ranges between 0.3 cents to 7 cents, depending on the method of redemption. The value of Qantas Points can vary according to the rewards chosen.

For instance, each Qantas Point spent on Economy Classic Reward flights is usually valued between 1.5 cents to 2 cents. On the other hand, each Qantas Point spent on Premium Classic Reward flights can be worth between 2 cents and 2.5 cents. Similarly, each Qantas Point spent on Business Classic Reward flights may be valued between 3.5 cents to 5 cents.

The value of Qantas Points can also depend on their utilization for upgrades, which can typically be worth between 4 cents to 7 cents per point. However, if used for hotels or car rentals, each Qantas Point is usually valued between 0.6 cents to 0.7 cents. For those who prefer to redeem their Qantas Points for gift cards or products through the Rewards Store, each point spent is generally worth between 0.3 cents to 0.5 cents. If you choose to donate Qantas Points to charity through the Rewards Store, each point is usually worth between 0.7 cents to 0.8 cents.

Process of Selling Qantas Miles & Frequent Flyer Points

The whole process of selling Qantas air miles takes only a few minutes.

  • Submit a quote via the website, live chat, or phone. (Please make sure you enter the correct contact information so that we are able to promptly reach you.)
  • We will respond with what we can pay for your Qantas miles & points today.
  • Once you accept, you will be paid in full via PayPal to your Verified PayPal account.
  • We use your Qantas air miles & points for flight tickets for our clients.
  • Your account is returned to you, you can continue using your account and earning more Qantas Miles.

Why Sell Your Qantas Airways Miles & Points with MilesBuyer?

data-securityData Security

Your personal and financial data are encrypted and protected. We treat your data confidentially and don’t share any information with third parties.

safe-pre-paymentSafe Pre-payment

We pre-pay you with Paypal before you transfer your Qantas Miles to our account.

google-reviews5-Stars Rating on Google Reviews

We serve over 50,000 clients from across the World, including Qantas Frequent Flyer members and we scored five stars in the independent Google Reviews ranking. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Top Accounts This Month

qantas airways logo Darrel A – 240k Qantas Miles

qantas airways logo August Z – 160k Qantas Miles

qantas airways logo Wyatt F – 60k Qantas Miles

qantas airways logo Bertram I – 80k Qantas Miles

qantas airways logo Walton A – 490k Qantas Miles

Did you know?

Founded in 1920, Qantas Airways is the third oldest airline in the world behind KLM and Avianca, and thanks to its 🇦🇺 Australian roots, it is nicknamed “The Flying Kangaroo.” The airline is also known for its famed Qantas Wine Program, investing over $19 million each year in the Australian 🍷 wine industry. Qantas sources more than 250 wines to serve on flights and operates a “Sommeliers in the Sky” program to train flight crew on wine.

FAQ’s on Selling Qantas Miles & Frequent Flyer Points

  • Are Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Transferable?

Yes. You can transfer Qantas frequent flyer points to family members who belong to the same loyalty scheme. You can transfer a minimum of 5000 and a maximum of 600,000 points to a family member who is on the frequent flyer program. Unlimited transfers are permissible in a 12-month period. Point transfer can be done online or you can call the frequent flyer service center to transfer your points. Please note that point transfer does not qualify as an activity on your account or the receiver’s account.

  • Can I Sell Qantas Frequent Flyer Points?

Yes. If you do not see any use of your accumulated frequent flyer points or they are nearing expiry, you can sell your Qantas frequent flyer points in exchange for instant cash. There are several miles brokers who can buy Qantas points from members like you and use them to help someone in need who might require those points for an urgent flight or other purposes. MilesBuyer is a 5-star platform for selling your Qantas miles and getting paid in instant cash in seconds.

  • What Is the Dollar Value of Qantas Frequent Flyer Points?

The dollar value of your Qantas frequent flyer points depends on how you spend them. For example, redeeming them on a business class flight booking or a seat upgrade on a domestic flight can place the value of each point anywhere between 2 and 9 cents. However, using the points to shop from the Qantas store can reduce the value of a point down to half a cent. Your Qantas points can fetch a lot more if you sell them. MilesBuyer offers high rates for points in bulk.

  • How Do I Sell My Qantas Frequent Flyer Miles for Cash?

MilesBuyer is your trusted partner for selling your Qantas Frequent Flyer points. Our process is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is call us at 1-800-511-0315 with your quote or fill the contact form on our website. We will get back to you with the price that we can offer for your points. Once we agree on the rate and verify your account, we will transfer the cash to your PayPal account before you send the miles to us.  Learn more about selling airline miles here.

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