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Sell Alaska Airlines Miles

We buy all quantities of Alaska miles starting at a 25,000 point minimum up to any size. We prefer to buy Alaska miles in 50k and 70k increments and offer higher rates for accounts containing these multiples. (50k, 70k, 100k, 140k, 210k, etc) Sell your Alaska Airlines miles for cash today!

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About Alaska Airlines

Founded in 1932, Alaska Airlines is a U.S. airline currently headquartered at its hub in Seattle, Washington. They offer more than one hundred destinations in the U.S., in addition to Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Mexico.

Alaska Airlines offers a loyalty program called Mileage Plan to reward its frequent travelers. With no membership fee and a variety of ways to earn points, it’s easy to earn and then sell Alaska Miles in no time. You can earn points by flying with Alaska Airlines, or with one of fifteen other global airline partners to over 900 destinations around the world. Other travel-related ways to rack up and then sell Alaska Air Miles are booking stays at hotels such as Best Western, Hilton, or Marriott or renting a car.

Mileage Plan members also earn up to five points per dollar at over 10,000 participating restaurants. You can earn points shopping at over 800 online stores including Best Buy, 1-800-Flowers, and Saks. In addition, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan credit cards enable you to earn additional miles for everyday purchases.

Members enjoy increased travel benefits such as priority boarding, complimentary first class upgrades, complimentary entertainment on flights, free checked bags, and more. Plus, members of the Mileage Plan who are also residents of Alaska are invited to join the exclusive Club 49, which affords them additional special discounts.

How Much Are My Alaska Airlines Miles Worth*?

Given the popularity of Alaska Airlines, their miles are valued at profitable rates. MilesBuyer offers competitive prices for your unused Alaska Airlines miles. We also offer higher rates for accounts containing bulk miles, especially in multiples of 50K, 70K, 100K, 140K, 210K, and so on.

The estimated worth of Alaska Airlines Miles:

  • 10,000 Alaska Airlines miles are worth approximately $120
  • 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles are worth approximately $300
  • 50,000 Alaska Airlines miles are worth approximately $600
  • 80,000 Alaska Airlines miles are worth approximately $960
  • 100,000 Alaska Airlines miles are worth approximately  $1,200

*Please note that these are estimates and are subject to change due to demand for miles and Alaska Airline’s policies.

How Flexible are Alaska Airline Miles to Sell?

Alaska miles offer excellent flexibility due to the airline’s impressive global partnerships. As a major U.S. airline, Alaska has some of the most diverse and valuable partners, making it easy to use your miles to book partner flights. You can maximize the value of your miles by targeting partners such as American Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas when searching for award bookings.

Process of Selling Alaska Airlines Miles

  • Submit a quote via the website, live chat, or phone. (Please make sure you enter the correct contact information so that we are able to promptly reach you.)
  • We will respond with what we can pay for your Alaska miles today
  • Once you accept, you will be paid in full via PayPal to your Verified PayPal account
  • We use your miles for flight tickets for our clients
  • Your account is returned to you, you can continue using your account and earning more Alaska Miles.

Why Sell Your Alaska Miles with MilesBuyer?

data-securityData Security

Your personal and financial data are encrypted and protected. We treat your data confidentially and don’t share any information with third parties.

safe-pre-paymentSafe Pre-payment

We pre-pay you with Paypal before you transfer your Alaska Miles to our account.

google-reviews5-Stars Rating on Google Reviews

We serve over 50,000 clients from across the World, including Alaska Mileage Plan members and we scored five stars in the independent Google Reviews ranking. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Top Accounts This Month

alaska airlines logo Lee M – 100k Alaska Mileage Plan Miles

alaska airlines logo Nick S- 150k Alaska Mileage Plan Miles

alaska airlines logo Lorenzo L-140k Alaska Mileage Plan Miles

alaska airlines logo Bella M- 70k Alaska Mileage Plan Miles

alaska airlines logo Loren P – 200k Alaska Mileage Plan Miles

Did you know?

Alaska Airlines is not a member of any of the three major airline alliances, but it does have sister airlines, Horizon Air and Virgin America. As its name would indicate, Alaska Airlines carries more passengers between Alaska and the contiguous U.S. than any other ✈️ airline.

FAQs on Selling Alaska Airlines Miles

  • Do Alaska Airlines Miles Expire?

No. Alaska Mileage Plan Airlines miles will not expire until the Mileage Plan exists. However, if there is no activity in your account for 2 years, your account will expire and your miles will be deleted. Account activity refers to earning or using miles.

  • Can You Redeem Alaska Miles for Cash?

Yes. If you have an excess of Alaska Airlines miles in your account, you can earn instant cash by selling your miles through our MilesBuyer trading platform. Your unused miles can help someone in need of a free seat on their next flight. 

  • Can I Sell My Alaska Airline Miles?

Yes. You can sell your Alaska Airlines miles through our MilesBuyer platform. Since Alaska Airlines connects more than a hundred destinations within the country and also carries out successful flights across the border, their miles are always in demand. This means you get to profit every time you decide to sell your Alaska Airlines miles.

  • How to Sell Alaska Airlines Miles for Cash?

You can sell your accumulated Alaska Airlines miles at to avail of competitive prices. Being a trusted miles buyer with a 5-star Google rating, we make selling your miles easy for you. Contact us through the website’s contact form or live chat, or give us a call at 1-800-511-0315 with your quote. We start at 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles and prefer going up by increments of 50K and 70K. Once we agree on the price, we will transfer the cash to your verified PayPal account before you transfer the miles to us. Learn more about selling airline miles here.

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