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Frequently Asked Questions on Buying & Selling Miles

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Frequently Asked Questions on Selling Miles

Why should I sell my miles?

Typically, the credit card and airline industry award 650 billion points and miles each year that go unused. Most people have hectic lifestyles and taking into consideration the limited availability of reward flights, and the expiration of miles, people just don’t use them. So why not get paid cash and take a vacation on your own terms? We at milesbuyer.com are here to help you with securely exchanging your miles and points for cash. Whether you are a small business with large credit card spend or an individual who signed up for a few credit card bonuses, a transaction with us will always run smoothly.

This is my first time. What is the process like?

The Milesbuyer.com team will make the transaction as easy and secure as possible for all our customers. Either chat with us live, leave a message, or fill out a free quote and one of our experienced representatives will get back to you within minutes! If you accept our offer, payment will be made right away and once you receive payment, we will walk you through the transfer process. As simple as that!

How much can I sell airline miles for?

This really depends. While other sites may advertise inflated quotes initially, we do our best to keep our rates as consistent and competitive as possible so that you have an idea of what to expect when selling certain miles or points. We at milesbuyer.com take pride in keeping our word. Once we offer you a price, that number will NEVER go down! The values of points or miles vary rapidly with time, volume, and amount so the best way to get the best price is to stay in constant communication with us.

What type of miles do you buy?

AeroPlan (Air Canada miles), Alaska Airlines, American based airlines American Express Membership Reward Points, ANA MilesBritish Airways Avios, Cathay Pacific Delta Airlines, Emirates Skyward Miles, Hawaiian Airlines, KrisFlyer(Singapore Airlines), Lufthansa Miles & More, Qatar Airways, Starwood SPG, US Airways, Hilton, Marriott, Southwest Airlines, Elal Matmid, AND MANY MORE.

When do I get paid for selling my miles?

You get paid immediately. As soon as a deal is reached we send you the money. No waiting weeks for checks or months for your miles to be used.

Is there a minimum point balance which you purchase?

Yes. We typically purchase mileage accounts with a MINIMUM size of 25,000 miles and a maximum of 5 million miles. Credit card points accounts such as Ultimate Rewards or American Express Membership Rewards usually have a MINIMUM transaction size of 50,000 points with no limit to the amount we can purchase.

Is it legal to sell miles?

While airlines prefer that their customers not use their frequent flier miles until they expire, there is no law restricting the sale of miles and points in any State except for Utah.

Can I make money if I know people with lots of miles and points?

Absolutely! Milesbuyer.com is strictly a word of mouth company and the best feeling we get is when a satisfied customer recommends us to their friends or family. If you have done business with us before and would like to get a referral for one of your friends, family members, or colleagues, please send us an email at buyingmiles@gmail.com or have them fill our quote request form and leave your name and email address in the comments box. We truly take pride in repeat business and would love to make it worth your while for trusting us enough to refer your friends and family.